Paint at Home Kit

Bring the party home with our Paint at Home Kits! Each kit includes everything you need to recreate the painting of your choice. Order one for yourself or several to paint with friends.

Kit contents:
• Presketched canvas (12"x16" or 12"x12" depending on the painting)
• Paint brushes (small, medium and large)
• Assorted paint cups
• Mixing plate
• Water cup
• Disposable apron
• Paper napkins
• Sample artwork
• Step-by-step instructions

Add ons:
Enhance your at-home paint 'n sip experience with a tabletop easel and a bottle of wine.

Order one kit per painter. For couples paintings, order one kit if painting solo, order two kits if painting together for a diptych painting (two canvases that make one picture.)

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