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Booking Help

Number of attendees: Select the total number of people who will be at your party. If you are unsure, select an estimated number. Our private studio can comfortably seat up to 16 guests. A minimum of 4 guests is required to book a party (with the exception of date nights).

Payment option: You have the option to pay in full or only pay a deposit at the time of booking. The deposit will count as payment for one guest. All other guests can pay once they arrive at our studio.

Special occasion: If you are celebrating a special occasion, we ask that you list it so we can decorate accordingly. This is optional.

Painting selection: You can choose a painting at the time of booking or when you arrive at our studio. Maybe the party is a surprise and the guest of honor will choose the painting. If you prefer to choose at our studio, leave this field blank.

Select a date and time: When you click this button, our booking calendar will open and show you all available appointment slots for up to 180 days. If there is a clickable time block on an open day, it is available. Choose the date and time you'd like to reserve, click confirm and then add to cart. Checkout to complete your booking.

Add to cart: The Add to cart button will only function after you've selected and confirmed a date and time for your party.

If you have any questions or would prefer to book by phone, give us a call at (912) 349-9753. A deposit or full payment is required at the time of booking.