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Book a Private Event

Ready to plan your next party or event with us? Fill out our party request form so we can tailor your event to you and your guests. We’ll contact you soon after we receive the request to confirm everything and get your deposit. After that, we’ll handle the rest!

Private Party Rates

  • Adult parties: $200 for up to 5 painters, then $40 for each additional painter
  • Kids parties: $150 for up to 5 painters, then $30 for each additional painter
  • Date nights: $120 per couple
  • Themed parties: varies by event type

A deposit is required to book your reservation. Deposits are equal to the minimum guest requirement (5 guests for parties, 1 couple for date nights). Additional guests can pay upon arrival.

Let’s start planning!

Booking Form
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Requested date and time
View our calendar to find a day that works best for you and your guests.

Music preference
List your favorite music genre or up to 3 recording artists.

Music preference

Painting choice
Browse our painting library and choose your favorite design.
If choosing more than one, please specify how many of each design. Only one painting will be demonstrated, but guidance will be provided to everyone.

Theme selection

No decorations that require assembling, adhering to a wall, or rearranging fixtures in our studio are allowed.